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Erwan Dorso

DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer

48 years old
Driving License
Toulouse (31000) France
Freelancer Just looking around
Former player and backend Java developer, I am an automation enthousiastic and I like to help DevOps/SRE team.

If you are a cleantech / greentech compagny, get in touch with me because I would love to work with you.
    • Maintenance in Operational Condition of the various SaaS platforms (development to production)
    • Version upgrade of the various components
    • Migration of platforms between hosting provider and then to AWS
    • Relationship with the different hosting provider
    • Support for developer teams
    • English-speaking environment
  • Technical environment: IaC (Terraform, Ansible, Packer), containers (Docker, Docker-compose), orchestrator (Kubernetes, Rancher), hypervisors (Vsphere, Xen server, HyperV), Cloud AWS (EC2, Route53, S3, EKS, ECS , ECR, EFS, IAM, ...), CI/CD (github, jenkins, sonarqube), Linux (Debian 9, 10, 11, Ubuntu), Identity/SSO (SAMLv2, ADFS, keycloak), loadbalancer (HAProxy, nginx), database (postgresql, eventstore) monitoring (Grafana, Datadog, Alerta, Tick stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Kapacitor), ELK suite (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)), router (Sophos, Pfsense)
Detailed Description
  • Migration of platforms between hosting providers:
    • recreating VMs
    • data migration
    • network architecture and router configuration
      Then to AWS cloud:
    • switch to managed services
    • Automation of deployments with Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins
    • Ochestrator migration from Rancher to Kubernetes
Company Description
Software editor of accounting, tax and commercial solutions aimed at facilitating and optimizing decision-making
  • Application server deployment system automation
  • Optimization of the CI/CD chain
  • Technical environment: Terraform, Saltstack, Docker, Vagrant, AWS suite (EC2, Route53, S3, CloudFormation), gitlab, Debian10, Amazon Linux 2, mariaDB, traefik, nginx, Jumpcloud
Company Description
HR solution editor
Company website
  • Consulting on using Keycloak in a microservice environment
Company Description
Autonomous vehicle technology and solutions
Company website
  • Setting up a coporate-wide software forge on private cloud docker swarm
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines for PHP applications
  • Re-architecture of a PHP application to go from a monolith to an aggregation of modules
  • Technical environment: docker (compose, swarm, volumes, configs, secrets), gitlab and gitlab-runner, Nexus, sonarQube, Portainer, Traefik, Ansible, PHP ecosystem (symfony, Laravel, doctrine, Apache)
Detailed Description
  • Software forge: component update, customization of gitlab runners, connection to company SSO (ADFS), docker swarm management
  • Pipelines for PHP applications: containerization with docker, code testing and analysis, automatic deployment on docker swarm
Company Description
Digital services and software editor for local authorities
  • Investigation and restart of deployment procedures in production
  • Implementation and optimization of integration chains and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • Advice on architecture and good development practices
  • Technological environment: Gitlab CI (pipelines, auto-devops, registry), Docker, Docker-compose, AWS (S3, Cloudfront, Lambda, Certificate Manager, ...), Heroku, nginx, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Angular 7 ( CLI), yarn , Jhipster, webpack, karma
Detailed Description
  • Ops aspect: Restarting deployment procedures in preproduction and production, documentation, contact with Health Data hosting provider, creation of domain names and subdomains, management of SSL certificates, proxy configuration, management of access rights in database
  • DevOps aspect: CI/C chain under Gitlab, installation and configuration of gitlab-runner, dockerization for migration to Kubernetes
  • Advice aspect: switch from JHipster frontend to Angular CLI, best practices on work flow with git, versioning rules
Company Description
Startup specialized in the development of solutions for diabetics to improve the monitoring of their treatment protocol
  • Study on the test strategy in an agile context.
  • Study of browser farm providers (Browserstack, Saucelabs, Crossbrowsertesting) for e2e frontend testing.
  • Participation in the implementation of Dockerized CI/CD Platforms as well as the accompanying DevOps culture.
  • Technical environment: Angular 5&6, Protractor, TestCafé, Selenium, Node, Npm, Typescript, Jenkins, Groovy, Docker, Docker Compose, Git, Git Flow
Detailed Description
  • Study of browser farm suppliers:
    • POC with Protractor and TestCafé
    • dockerization of supplier tools
    • Selenium server maintenance
  • Implementation of dockerized PICs:
    • design, migration and pipelines
    • maintenance of Docker images
    • design of e2e steps of sharedlibs
Company Description
Subsidiary of Groupe BPCE responsible for Banques Populaires SI management
  • Help stabilize the Keycloak server used to protect the website and mobile app.
  • Migration of the keycloak server to a new instance and a new DBMS
  • Technical environment: Keycloak 3.4, JBoss Wildfly, DBeaver, H2, MySQL
Company Description
Since its creation in 1989, the French brand BÉABA has supported parents in all moments of the baby's life with these quality, innovative and easy-to-use products.
Company website
  • Study and POC for the migration of SCM tool from Serena Dimension to Git
  • Referent on Continuous Integration chains
  • Technical presentations around the industrialization of JavaScript development (React) and restitution of conferences
  • Studies and developments on spring-batch batches, keycloak authentication services
  • Technical Environment: Java 1.7, spring batch, Maven, Jenkins, Git, GitLab, Git Flow, serena dimension, Keycloak, Perl
Detailed Description
  • SCM:
    • definition of new workflows (derived from gitflow)
    • script (perl) to automate migration from serena to git
    • Study for redrawing maven projects (1 Git repo = 1 life cycle)
  • Continuous Integration:
    • maintenance of the Jenkins job heritage (organization, modifications, server migration)
    • implementation of new jobs for java and javascript projects
    • pipeline jobs
    • trainer on the industrialization of javascript development (React)
  • Studies and developments:
    • spring-batch trainer and support for development teams
    • spring-batch POC development
    • identification and authentication service: study for replacement by market solution (keycloak)
Company Description
Editor of solutions in the field of health insurance
Company website
  • Industrialization to facilitate the development and testing of payment applications.
  • Creating a development environment generator with Yeoman
  • Creation of an application functional testing framework
  • Technical Environment: NodeJS, Yeoman, Gulp, phantomJS, GitLab, Git Flow, Jenkins, Java 1.8, Selenium, Docker, JBoss, Maven
Detailed Description
  • comparative study with Yeoman vs Maven archetypes
  • development of several code generators with Yeoman
  • automatic generation of Git repositories and Jenkins jobs by API
  • test automation and code quality
  • identify standard Selenium scenarios
  • POC sous Arquilian
  • development under Selenium with implementation of best practices (PageObject pattern, fluentwait, etc.)
  • cross-browser: Chrome, FF, IE, HTMLUnit and phantomJS
  • multi-environments (including under Docker)
Company Description
Payment and electronic payment operator
  • Redesign of the application toward a Frontend/backend architecture with AngularJS / REST spring Java
  • Developments and unit tests of different third parties (HMI, services, DAO, batches, web services)
  • Implementation of the specific Angular development environment
  • Continuous integration
  • Technical support to other team members
  • Technical environment: Java, Spring, WS SOAP REST, AngularJS, Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, Jasmine, Karma, PhantomJS, less, Tomcat, Oracle 12n, SqlDevelopper, Git
Detailed Description
  • Architect and technical referent within the team dedicated to Kuehne Nagel, as part of the MyLogSupply project aimed at providing users with an application dedicated to monitoring logistics movements
Company Description
The Kuehne + Nagel group is one of the world leaders in logistics and supply chain management.
Company website
  • Redesign of the service engine with technological migration from NSDK to PL-SQL
  • Introduction to the Git Source Manager
  • Studies for migration under java (automation of tests, editing and reporting framework)
  • Technical Environment: NSDK, Oracle 11g, PL-SQL, SqlDevelopper, DataModeler, Git
Detailed Description
  • Maintenance on the Owlink project in order to prepare its technological migration. Owlink is used to provide insurance managers with an application specialized in personal insurance.
Company Description
Software editor in the field of health insurance and pensions
Company website
  • Detailed functional and technical specifications
  • Analysis and costing
  • Developments of different third parties (HMI, services, DAO, batches)
  • Tests: jUnit, writing and execution of functional test scenarios
  • Relationship with external insurers
  • Methods: Scrum, pair programming
  • Technical environment: Java/JEE, Natixis Sphinx Framework (Spring, hibernate, Seam, JSF, RichFaces), SOAP Webservices, IBM environment (RSA 8.5, WAS 8), Serena Dimension, Icescrum, Oracle 10g, Oracle SQL Developer
Detailed Description
  • Table checks domain : migration of the client/server application used by the back office teams to a JEE Intranet Portal.
  • Insurance domain : evolutionary maintenance of this project allowing a financial adviser to enter, via a web application, requests for redemption of life insurance by the subscriber.
  • Factoring domain : evolutionary maintenance of this project providing managers and customers with an application to manage factoring relationships between the different actors (customer, buyer, insurer).
  • Scrum ceremonies (sprint planning, daily scrum, review/demonstration, retrospection)
Company Description
Corporate and management banking
Company website
  • Realization of a POC for the ADAM Manager project allowing to handle structured documentation in XML via the S1000D standard
  • Technical environment: Java 1.7, IntelliJ, JSF (PrimeFaces and RichFaces), Java XML (SAX, Stax, DOM), Spring integration, Git
Detailed Description
  • realization of XML tree manipulation POC linked to the PrimeFaces tree
  • integration of the POC in the demo application
Company Description
Software editor dedicated to the management of editorial or technical content
Company website
  • Development of a website crawler via Selenium to retrieve data for a technical platform migration
  • Technical environment: Java/J2EE, Eclipse, Selenium
Company Description
Aerospace pioneer
Company website
  • Integration of the ECM Eversuite tool for Compagnie Nationale de Rhône customer
  • Plugging in the continuous integration chain (Maven, SVN, Jenkins, Sonar)
  • Technical environment: Eversuite 4.2, Java/JEE, Javascript, Tomcat, Maven, SVN, Jenkins, Sonar, Eclipse, Oracle 10, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Data Modeler, VMWare
Detailed Description
  • Database design and development
  • Technical specifications
  • Setting up Eversuite for users, roles and access rights
  • Relations with the publisher
Company Description
Thales Group service company
  • Migration to a J2E Intranet Portal of a mainframe application module used by the customer advisor
  • Technical environment: IBM RAD 7.5, Rational Rose 7, Java/JEE, DB2, Dreamweaver MX, Model In Action Generation, specific iBP tools (Framework Equinoxe, iBP palette, Rose iBP DA plugins, iBP Gen)
Detailed Description
  • Design and development under Rose and RAD
  • Retro documentation of the existing application
  • Writing detailed functional specifications
  • Non-regressions tests under Quality Center
Company Description
Subsidiary of Groupe BPCE responsible for Banques Populaires SI management
  • Intervention throughout the life cycle of 5 projects, in maintenance or creation (analysis, development, acceptance, delivery, support)
  • Team management (planning, distribution and monitoring of tasks) of internal developers or contractors (in situ and offshore)
  • Pilot projects for the implementation of new methods and practices: agility (Scrum), industrialization of tests (Quick Test Pro), quality management (Quality Center), qualification of open source tools (QSOS)
  • Study of technical solutions for the technical direction aimed at changing the EDM and web portal tools.
  • Technical environment: Java/JEE, eXoPlatform, Jahia, Maven, Hudson, SSO, IBM RAD 7.5, IBM WAS, HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test Pro, DB2, Scrum
Detailed Description
  • Statements project for Terciane client : evolutionary maintenance on a website allowing Health Professionals to consult their reimbursement statements.
  • Member site project for La Mutuelle Générale client : evolutionary maintenance on the portal for members allowing consultation of their statements, contracts, services, etc.
  • Reception site (multi-client): evolutionary maintenance on a service portal for healthcare professionals, clients and beneficiaries
  • Allianz-CNGPO project for Allianz client - : creation of a portal providing pharmacists with a set of functional tools for guided pharmacy medication
  • Manager portal (multi-client): creation of a new portal to make all Almerys services available to client and internal managers
Company Description
Third-party payment provider and health data flow concentrator
Company website
  • As part of an outsourced platform dedicated to aircraft maintenance documentation, evolutive maintenance on 2 projects: CGEN (generic web graphic components) and LogGEN (generic log library)
  • Realization of technical studies on major developments
  • Training of developers and users
  • Technical environment: Java/J2EE, JavaScript/AJAX, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, VMWare, Starteam
Detailed Description
  • Setting up the Maven build tool
  • Study of required solutions and libraries (Log4J, Java Common Logging, JMS)
  • Feasibility study for migration to AJAX, integration into portlets then implementation
  • Graphic Charter change impact study
  • Analysis and costing
  • Collection of needs from users
  • Tests and release
  • Developments
Company Description
Aerospace pioneer
Company website
  • Development of a portal bringing together all Airbus suppliers
  • Scripting of automatic tests for the Supply Chain module
  • i2 Solution customisation for the Foiundation module
  • Technical environment: Java/JEE, I2 portal (SRM et SCC), SAP (modules MM, QM, eCATT), CVS, TestPartner
Detailed Description
  • Conduct of test campaigns, analysis of results
  • Automation of reporting to development teams
  • Rationalization of script development (function libraries, versioning, optimization of execution times)
  • Development of Supply Chain test automation scripts
  • Manual execution of Foundation test cases with verification of suppliers created in SAP
  • Feeding the database by Awk script and DBLoad
  • Realization of the Java developments specified to customize I2 (modifications of screens and Business Rules)
Company Description
Aerospace pioneer
Company website