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Erwan Dorso

DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer

48 years old
Driving License
Toulouse (31000) France
Freelancer Just looking around
Former player and backend Java developer, I am an automation enthousiastic and I like to help DevOps/SRE team.

If you are a cleantech / greentech compagny, get in touch with me because I would love to work with you.
    • Maintenance in Operational Condition of the various SaaS platforms (development to production)
    • Version upgrade of the various components
    • Migration of platforms between hosting provider and then to AWS
    • Relationship with the different hosting provider
    • Support for developer teams
    • English-speaking environment
  • Technical environment: IaC (Terraform, Ansible, Packer), containers (Docker, Docker-compose), orchestrator (Kubernetes, Rancher), hypervisors (Vsphere, Xen server, HyperV), Cloud AWS (EC2, Route53, S3, EKS, ECS , ECR, EFS, IAM, ...), CI/CD (github, jenkins, sonarqube), Linux (Debian 9, 10, 11, Ubuntu), Identity/SSO (SAMLv2, ADFS, keycloak), loadbalancer (HAProxy, nginx), database (postgresql, eventstore) monitoring (Grafana, Datadog, Alerta, Tick stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Kapacitor), ELK suite (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)), router (Sophos, Pfsense)
  • Application server deployment system automation
  • Optimization of the CI/CD chain
  • Technical environment: Terraform, Saltstack, Docker, Vagrant, AWS suite (EC2, Route53, S3, CloudFormation), gitlab, Debian10, Amazon Linux 2, mariaDB, traefik, nginx, Jumpcloud
  • Consulting on using Keycloak in a microservice environment
  • Setting up a coporate-wide software forge on private cloud docker swarm
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines for PHP applications
  • Re-architecture of a PHP application to go from a monolith to an aggregation of modules
  • Technical environment: docker (compose, swarm, volumes, configs, secrets), gitlab and gitlab-runner, Nexus, sonarQube, Portainer, Traefik, Ansible, PHP ecosystem (symfony, Laravel, doctrine, Apache)
  • Investigation and restart of deployment procedures in production
  • Implementation and optimization of integration chains and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • Advice on architecture and good development practices
  • Technological environment: Gitlab CI (pipelines, auto-devops, registry), Docker, Docker-compose, AWS (S3, Cloudfront, Lambda, Certificate Manager, ...), Heroku, nginx, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Angular 7 ( CLI), yarn , Jhipster, webpack, karma
  • Study on the test strategy in an agile context.
  • Study of browser farm providers (Browserstack, Saucelabs, Crossbrowsertesting) for e2e frontend testing.
  • Participation in the implementation of Dockerized CI/CD Platforms as well as the accompanying DevOps culture.
  • Technical environment: Angular 5&6, Protractor, TestCafé, Selenium, Node, Npm, Typescript, Jenkins, Groovy, Docker, Docker Compose, Git, Git Flow
  • Help stabilize the Keycloak server used to protect the website and mobile app.
  • Migration of the keycloak server to a new instance and a new DBMS
  • Technical environment: Keycloak 3.4, JBoss Wildfly, DBeaver, H2, MySQL
  • Study and POC for the migration of SCM tool from Serena Dimension to Git
  • Referent on Continuous Integration chains
  • Technical presentations around the industrialization of JavaScript development (React) and restitution of conferences
  • Studies and developments on spring-batch batches, keycloak authentication services
  • Technical Environment: Java 1.7, spring batch, Maven, Jenkins, Git, GitLab, Git Flow, serena dimension, Keycloak, Perl
  • Industrialization to facilitate the development and testing of payment applications.
  • Creating a development environment generator with Yeoman
  • Creation of an application functional testing framework
  • Technical Environment: NodeJS, Yeoman, Gulp, phantomJS, GitLab, Git Flow, Jenkins, Java 1.8, Selenium, Docker, JBoss, Maven
  • Redesign of the application toward a Frontend/backend architecture with AngularJS / REST spring Java
  • Developments and unit tests of different third parties (HMI, services, DAO, batches, web services)
  • Implementation of the specific Angular development environment
  • Continuous integration
  • Technical support to other team members
  • Technical environment: Java, Spring, WS SOAP REST, AngularJS, Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, Jasmine, Karma, PhantomJS, less, Tomcat, Oracle 12n, SqlDevelopper, Git
  • Development of a website crawler via Selenium to retrieve data for a technical platform migration
  • Technical environment: Java/J2EE, Eclipse, Selenium
  • Integration of the ECM Eversuite tool for Compagnie Nationale de Rhône customer
  • Plugging in the continuous integration chain (Maven, SVN, Jenkins, Sonar)
  • Technical environment: Eversuite 4.2, Java/JEE, Javascript, Tomcat, Maven, SVN, Jenkins, Sonar, Eclipse, Oracle 10, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Data Modeler, VMWare
  • Intervention throughout the life cycle of 5 projects, in maintenance or creation (analysis, development, acceptance, delivery, support)
  • Team management (planning, distribution and monitoring of tasks) of internal developers or contractors (in situ and offshore)
  • Pilot projects for the implementation of new methods and practices: agility (Scrum), industrialization of tests (Quick Test Pro), quality management (Quality Center), qualification of open source tools (QSOS)
  • Study of technical solutions for the technical direction aimed at changing the EDM and web portal tools.
  • Technical environment: Java/JEE, eXoPlatform, Jahia, Maven, Hudson, SSO, IBM RAD 7.5, IBM WAS, HP Quality Center, HP Quick Test Pro, DB2, Scrum
  • Development of a portal bringing together all Airbus suppliers
  • Scripting of automatic tests for the Supply Chain module
  • i2 Solution customisation for the Foiundation module
  • Technical environment: Java/JEE, I2 portal (SRM et SCC), SAP (modules MM, QM, eCATT), CVS, TestPartner



May 2018

Java language


February 2004 to March 2004

Client-server and Net Technologies

Institut de formation HN

October 2000 to February 2001

Master Neurosciences

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

September 1997 to June 1999

Licence Biologie des Organismes et des Populations

Université Lyon 1 Claude Bernard

September 1994 to June 1997

Technical skills

  • Continuous Integration
    Gitlab, Jenkins, Bitbucket, TravisCI, Maven, Gradle, npm, Sonar, etc.
  • Cloud Computing
    docker, docker-compose, swarm, Kubernetes, AWS
  • IaC Infrastructure As Code
    Terraform, Ansible, Saltstack, Packer
  • Automated testing
    Protractor, Selenium, Quick Test Pro, Quality Center, TestPartners
  • IAM Identification and Authentification
    Keycloak, Auth0, Jumpcloud
  • SCM
    Git, SVN, CVS, Clearcase, Starteam, Dimension
  • Databases
    Oracle, PostGreSQL, MySQL
  • Virtualization
    vCenter, XenCenter, HyperV


  • Team Work
  • Scrum
  • Team Leadership


  • English
  • Spanish
    Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera
  • German

Economy and ecology

  • Find a way to prevent climate change


  • Guitar
  • Lindy Hop


  • Climbing, hiking
  • Kitesurf